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We ask scientists “What are you optimistic about?” Over 130 have told us. And we publish what they say.

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81 scientists in The New Optimists; ten in the Kindle Challenging Cancer. Plus free reports, updates, analyses.

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The Forum

The Forum is about Food & Cities: Birmingham 2050 — regional scientists bending their minds on the matter.

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Narrativium & The Norm Chronicles

What has the hugely entertaining book The Norm Chronicles got to do with the Narrativium Project?

An entertaining book? Yes. Sometimes hilarious, yup. And it’s about statistics?

How come? The two authors understand the power of narrativium. One is Cambridge statistician David Spiegelhalter who ‘lives on a flood plain but is more anxious about forgetting where he put the house keys‘; t’other is writer Michael Blastland.

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