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Charlie Craddock, Peter Sadler, Michael Overduin — and Science Capital

Three New Optimists Profs were among those leading Wednesday evening’s Science Capital meeting on Innovative Healthcare at The Binding Site HQ at Fiveways.

Charlie Craddock gave an update on the £24M Institute of Translational Medicine to open, as Charlie pointed out, on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

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#TNOfood 12th July & Rio+20: The end of the future?

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, warned at the beginning of last week’s Earth Summit in Rio, “if we really do not take firm actions [on climate change], we may be heading towards the end – the end of our future“.

It shouldn’t surprise us that hundreds of bigwigs and politicians from around the world cannot agree on anything. Radical change doesn’t happen through consensus, it happens through a few informed very smart people deciding to do something different.

So there is hope for humanity. And it’s here and now, you and me, in Birmingham. The New Optimists Forum will be exploring at Aston Business School on 12th July what’s on the cards here. Join the conversation via twitter #TNOfood.

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Science Capital: Innovation Healthcare

We were excited to see two of the New Optimists at Science Capital’s Innovation Healthcare meeting on Wednesday. Charlie Craddock and Paul Moss were among the speakers at the event, which brings together the science community and businesses to identify investment opportunities and new developments.

There were some fascinating talks on a range of topics and activities, and you can read more about the evening Science Capital Press Release 260911.

You can see a video of Charlie Craddock above and the presentations made by each of the speakers can be found here:

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Midlands universities leading the way in drug discovery

The latest Science Capital event is held this evening and sees ninety academic and business leaders heading to Birmingham to showcase investment opportunities and reflect on medical research successes in an effort to make them become clinical practice.

Universities in the West Midlands are at the heart of this, forging relationships with industry to develop improvements in patient care. This is the subject of Science Capital’s Innovative Healthcare Meeting at Hotel du Vin, which looks to explore scientific advances and how to make them a commercial reality.

Michael Overduin, CEO of Science Capital, is one of the New Optimists and the event will also be attended by his fellow New Optimists Paul Moss, head of the Cancer Research UK Centre at the University of Birmingham, and Charles Craddock, who is Director of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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Competition winner

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the Young Optimists Competition is Ruhi Ur Rashid of Sidney Stringer Street Academy in Coventry.

We’re delighted too that she’s accepted our invitation to come to the Science Capital event on Wednesday 15 June

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