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Sara Colman – The Hand That Feeds – Why a Musical?

Sara in rehearsal

Why a Musical?

musical (noun): a stage, television or film production utilizing popular-style songs – dialogue optional – to tell a story

Blog Post By Sara Colman

I’ve had a secret love of musicals since I was a kid. Instead of doing my overdue homework, Fred and Ginger would fuel my procrastination by singing and dancing their way through my Sunday afternoons.

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The #StopFoodCrime THTF team – part one – Creatives

Who’s who in the team?

Production Day

From left to right (below): Kate Cooper, Al Gurr, Sam Fox, Chris Cuthbert, Anthony Miles, Xhosa Cole, Sara Colman (on keyboard) Mez Packer, Graeme Rose, Charlotte Gregory.


By Kate Cooper

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#StopFoodCrime . . . Food Crime: The Musical! . . . 14th May . . .

FoodCrime_TheMusicalMidday or 2:30pm on 14th May outside St Martin’s in the Bull Ring is a date for your diary.

Two public performances of Food Crime: The Musical! right slap bang in Birmingham city centre.

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Narrativium III: A theatrical song cycle on food crime

SaraColmanYes, Narrativium III is off the mark! We have enough funding to begin this brilliant project to devise and perform a theatrical song cycle on food crime.

Singer and composer Sara Colman will be the creative drive behind it all, ably assisted by our literary advisor, novelist Mez Packer who, in an earlier life, toured Europe as a jazz singer.

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Organising the launch of The New Optimists

I’ve spent a fair bit of today sorting out the arrangements for the book launch on http://newoptimists.eventbrite.com.

Many of the scientists there, plus Jenny Uglow and editor Keith Richards. The BBC’s David Shukman will speak (providing there isn’t another volcano suddenly erupting or a galaxy or two crashing into each other). I’ve also commissioned the Ben Markland Quartet with singer Sara Colman

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Booking via eventbrite for the launch

I’ve just set up and tested the booking system for the celebration dinner to launch The New Optimists on 14th September, the opening day of the 2010 British Science Festival — go to http://newoptimists.eventbrite.com and reserve your place!

This launch is a big celebration dinner, co-hosted with

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