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The #StopFoodCrime THTF team – part two – Scientists

Who’s who in the team? continued…

How are we getting the science right?

by Kate Cooper

In the background of this project are a great unsung group of people, those that know a tad or two about food crime from a professional perspective.

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#BrumElliott – Reflections on the day from Chris Elliott

Elliott Review

Final thoughts from The Elliott Review in Birmingham from Professor Chris Elliott and Kate Cooper, founder of The New Optimists…

Professor Chris Elliott said the mixture of people at the event in Birmingham today was quite phenomenal. There have been 200 meetings as part of the review – this has been the most interesting, he said, with lots of examples of the complex difficulties faced in addressing the issues concerned with food crime.

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Elliott Review: Birmingham

ElliottReview_imagesKey people from across the food supply network in Birmingham will be participating in a workshop we’re co-hosting with the Elliott Review team on 2nd April.

As I reported when the interim Elliott Review report was published last December, we were already planning with the Review team how Birmingham could meet the challenge of widespread food crime.

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