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The #StopFoodCrime THTF team – part two – Scientists

Who’s who in the team? continued…

How are we getting the science right?

by Kate Cooper

In the background of this project are a great unsung group of people, those that know a tad or two about food crime from a professional perspective.

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Madeleine Smith: why food investigation has to be different

In this interview, Madeleine Smith talks about the changes that are needed in food investigation. Food supplies today come from across Britain, indeed from across the world. And so local authority-led food testing isn’t adequate. In addition, today’s EHOs are trained to test for the safety of food, not deal with organised crime.

Madeleine is a Teaching Fellow in Environmental Health at the University of Birmingham; i.e. she’s a key person in the training of tomorrow’s environmental health officers.

#BrumElliott: A brilliant group of people coming on 2nd April

There’ll be  over 50 people at Aston Villa Conference Centre at the Elliott Review Birmingham workshop on 2nd April.

Chris_ElliottThey’re from all over the food supply network in the city, plus (of course!) a sprinkling of New Optimist scientists. They’ll be exploring what Birmingham can do to tackle food crime, along with Professor Chris Elliott himself (see left) and his Elliott Review team.

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