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The Narrativium Project – what happened & what next?

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Eight people, including myself, sat around my kitchen table last Monday evening. Before we began to eat the curries and rice I’d prepared, we talked about our Arts Council project they’d been involved in, the show at the MAC they’d created . . . and what possibilities it has all generated . . .

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The mac, the Narrativium commission & 27th June

Daniel Whitehouse, the brilliant Next Generation producer at mac birmingham, is organising the commission of emerging creatives for our Narrativium Project.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 27th June.


It’s a great opportunity for three young creatives. They’ll get to work with producer Jo Carr of Untied Artists, and theatre director Graeme Rose as well as perform ‘stories from the future’ based on the scientists’ assessment of possible food futures for all of us.

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Why narrativium matters

It was Terry Pratchett who coined the term ‘narrativium’ as the element upon which we humans run.

HonoraryWizardsIt was New Optimist Jack Cohen who describes us humans as pan narrans, the storytelling rather than homo sapiens. (And Jack and mathematician Ian Stewart joined forces with Terry Pratchett to write the Science of Discworld series, and thereby became Hon Wizards of the Unseen University.)

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The Narrativium Project @IdeasTap @mac_birmingham

NarrativiumImageWe’re recruiting three bright young creative people to work on the Narrativium Project, the concluding part of our two-year Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project.

To that end, we’ve just posted our recruitment ad on IdeasTap. The deadline is 19th May.

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The Narrativium Project — Birmingham 2050: One Family, Three Futures

NarrativiumBirmingham2050FrontispieceAs part of the Arts Council-funded Narrativium Project, Keith and Ellie Richards have created stories and background information about a five-generation Birmingham family set in several possible futures: Birmingham 2050: One family, three futures.

They’ve cleverly taken the info from the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project, compared the state of play in our world in 2013 with possibilities in 2050, also generated sample best and worst case scenarios, then created these four entertaining stories about characters in this fictional Birmingham family.

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