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Face to Face with the New Optimists: Lawrence Young talks about challenging cancer

Professor Lawrence Young, Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, is the latest in our Face to Face series of interviews with the New Optimists. He’s recently contributed to the Challenging Cancer Kindle book, and in the video above he talks to us about what he’s optimistic about.

He also touches on the work of the College, which areas of scientific research he’s most excited by at the moment, and the future developments that he believes could help us combat the scientific challenges we’re facing right now.

You can see more from our Face to Face series here or by visiting the New Optimists YouTube channel.

Birmingham Post Science Blog round-up 21-08-2011

Here’s a quick round-up of what’s been on the Birmingham Post Science blog recently, where some of the New Optimists are blogging about new developments and stories.

Head over to the blog to read more from the New Optimists.

What’s coming up for the New Optimists

There are lots of exciting things coming up for the New Optimists in the next few months. As well as more Face to Face interviews with some of the scientists who have contributed to the project, there are some other big things which we’re very excited about.

  • There will be some activity over the coming months to tie in with the first Kindle book, Challenging Cancer. We’re also going to be working on forthcoming Kindle books, which will cover topics such as renewable energies, ageing, and how scientists view the world.
  • The New Optimists Forum is something we’re really looking forward to – a series of unconference-style gatherings where we bring together scientists to talk about viable approaches to deal with challenges which we will face in our near future. The first Forum theme is the prevalent topic of Food & Cities.
  • There’s also a book in the pipeline about stem cell research, covering epigenetics and how our environments reprogramme the human genome.
On top of this, there will be plenty more stuff to come so keep your eyes peeled on the blog as well as on Twitter and Facebook!

Challenging cancer – Ask the New Optimists!

We’ve already done a few interviews with the New Optimists for our Face to Face series and we’re going to be doing some more very soon, with some of the contributors to our Kindle book on cancer. And we’ll also be doing an interview with Kate Cooper, the woman behind the project.

Is there something you’d like to ask the New Optimists? Leave your questions in the comments section and we’ll put them to the scientists on your behalf!

Face to Face with the New Optimists: Andrew Peet

Continuing our Face to Face series where we meet with the New Optimists, this is a short video clip which was filmed at the launch of the hard copy of the book last year, at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. In it, Dr Andrew Peet – an oncologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – talks about his optimism and what made him want to contribute to the book.

His chapter, ‘Brain tumour imaging – the dawn of a new era’, will be included in the forthcoming Kindle book on Challenging Cancer, which will be available soon.

Face to Face with the New Optimists: Paul Moss on controlling cancer

Our first Kindle book, The New Optimists: Challenging Cancer¬†has just been released¬†so it’s a good time to continue our Face to Face series by getting to know some of the scientists who have contributed essays on the topic.

We’ll be interviewing some more of the New Optimists over the summer, but here’s a video we first posted before the launch of the book last year – it’s an interview with Paul Moss, Head of the School of Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham, and Director of the Birmingham Cancer Research UK Centre.

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Andy Mabbett at KindleCamp on how digital publishing has changed how he works

At KindleCamp we spoke to freelance digital consultant Andy Mabbett about how digital publishing has shaped his work and the way he thinks about publishing content. He talks about using the skills he learned for creating digital archives of reports, and comments on how simple it was to create an eBook at the workshop.


Uploading eBooks to Amazon’s Kindle store at KindleCamp

It’s really easy to upload the eBook you’ve created to make a Kindle book. The video above shows you how you can do this using your Amazon account, and it’s possible to make changes after you’ve published it too.

After watching the video, this raised a few interesting points and questions about Kindle books – useful features and also issues to be wary of. Some of these are listed below:

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Fiona Joseph at KindleCamp on what digital publishing means to her

While we were at KindleCamp we spoke to writer Fiona Joseph about what digital publishing means to her. She found out about the workshop via Twitter – itself a form of publishing online – and will be using the skills she learned at KindleCamp to publish an eBook version of her forthcoming book in the autumn.

Creating an eBook at KindleCamp

For the rest of the morning session the delegates had a go at an exercise in preparing text for eCub, a free eBook creator, and using HTML to format their content. After this part of the workshop there was a short feedback session where everyone gave their comments on how the morning had gone for them – there are people with lots of different skill levels in the group but on the whole it seems to have been a very quick process to pick up. These are the ideas, tips, perspectives gleaned from the morning’s work:

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