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The #StopFoodCrime THTF team – part one – Creatives

Who’s who in the team?

Production Day

From left to right (below): Kate Cooper, Al Gurr, Sam Fox, Chris Cuthbert, Anthony Miles, Xhosa Cole, Sara Colman (on keyboard) Mez Packer, Graeme Rose, Charlotte Gregory.


By Kate Cooper

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Birmingham helping lead the way in tackling food crime.

What is Food Crime?

By Kate Cooper

photo of Kate Cooper

photo by Graeme Braidwood

The first time I ever heard the phrase ‘food crime’ was from Professor Chris Elliott. He’d been commissioned by the Government to investigate our food supply network after the ‘Horsegate’ scandal, and he’d asked to see me because of The New Optimists work with scientists.

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Pan narrans? . . . are we the storytelling ape?

image credit - Narrativium - transmedialab.org

A musical about food crime? …of all things!

The New Optimists is a forum of regional scientists from lots of disciplines, keen as anyone to make our world a better place — but with a perspective informed by their day job. 

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#BrumElliott – Reflections on the day from Chris Elliott

Elliott Review

Final thoughts from The Elliott Review in Birmingham from Professor Chris Elliott and Kate Cooper, founder of The New Optimists…

Professor Chris Elliott said the mixture of people at the event in Birmingham today was quite phenomenal. There have been 200 meetings as part of the review – this has been the most interesting, he said, with lots of examples of the complex difficulties faced in addressing the issues concerned with food crime.

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The Birmingham Food Council

Above is the presentation I’m giving this evening.

It is at the Sustainability Forum in the Council House. Just over a year ago, I gave a presentation: What it takes to feed the city, based on the scenarios project. I mooted then the idea of a Food Council.

Birmingham Public Health took up the idea. They asked Roger Harmer to draw up a Food Charter, which he’ll be talking about tonight.

Using Roger’s work as a basis, I’ve been talking to people over the summer about the Food Council governance, structure, terms of reference. This evening’s Sustainability Forum is an opportunity for people to hear about and comment on the work so far.

This is a very, very exciting development for Birmingham. I feel deeply privileged to have been asked to chair it.

Sustainability West Midlands: Supper meeting on Food Security

I was asked to lead the discussion with invited guests at the Sustainable Supper meeting on 30th April. It was on Food Security: What does it take to feed our towns and cities in the West Midlands?

Sustainability West Midlands, who hosted the event, have just published the interesting notes of the discussion, which you can download from here.

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TEDxWarwick: Feeding the City, Feeding the Mind

Click on the image to see the video of my TEDxWarwick talk.

The full text of is below, along with a sample of the few slides I used:

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Kate Cooper’s slides for the Birmingham Sustainability Forum on 10th September 2012

Here are my slides for the Birmingham Sustainability Forum meeting on 10th September 2012:

And here is a pdf of them (without builds):  The New Optimists & Birmingham City Council Sustainability Forum 10th Sept 2012.

Birmingham Sustainability Forum: Feeding the City

The New Optimists Forum has uncovered a lot of issues facing what it takes and will take to feed a city population, Birmingham’s in particular.

So I’ve been asked to kick off the next Birmingham Sustainability Forum on 10th September, 6pm in the Banqueting Suite at the Council House — it’s on Feeding the City.

Given the sheer volume of info we’ve gathered, I’m spending quite a bit of time thinking through what to say. It seems to me that there are three main areas up for grabs to discuss:

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“I think we’re possibly on the brink of a revolution”

Kate Cooper from new optimists kicks off tonight’s event with a short presentation giving some background about the New Optimists Forum.

There’s a year long scenario planning process about food futures in Birmingham. She asked scientists “what are you optimistic about?” And 80 replied and became a book launched in 2010.

“How can we get regional scientists to help us solve the really big challenges in the 21st century.”

Climate change, resource depletion, population pressures. These problems are too big, how do we begin? They happen on large scales, both time and geographically and they require disparate governments to cooperate. So it’s no surprise that we’re stuck.

Doing nothing is not an option. – Sir John Lawton.

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