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Elly Vesty, New Optimist, on the advantages of understanding the historical evolution of plants

Elly Vesty’s research makes her optimistic that we can improve food security.  Her work on how, historically, plants have germinated to ensure they grow is about having a core understanding of how crops will grow.

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New Optimists at CASC Conference

Three of us — plant scientist Juliet Coates, microbiologist Peter Lambert and myself (Kate Cooper) as publisher of The New Optimists were on a panel chaired by Sue Beardsmore at the CASC Conference yesterday. (For a video interview of the three of us by Jon Bounds, click here; twitter #eucasc here.)

Juliet and Peter spoke with passion and clarity about why their work matters, and why it matters that non-scientists understand what they do

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Can plants get cancer?

Robin May knows how to woo scientist colleagues into his office on the 4th floor of the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham. White chocolate cake spilling over with red currants. Or blackberry and apple crumble cake oozing decadence.

Jackie Chappell and Juliet Coates, the latter doing a turn at the CASC Conference later this week, were already there when I arrived

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Why evolution isn’t “true”

How many people in the US, do you suppose, believe in evolution? According to a survey reported in The New Scientist in 2006, a high percentage don’t. Another survey carried out here, indicated that 50% of us Brits don’t either.

If only, as Ian Stewart reminded us in the 2009 Lunar Society Annual Lecture, it were zero percent who believed in evolution!

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Adaptable Algae & Magic Moss

Algae doesn’t get much press. As a potential biofuel, food source and integral part of our ecosystem, it deserves more attention.

And moss? Moss doesn’t

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