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Wednesday 6-9pm: Debate on Birmingham 2050 food futures

It’s today! If you’re interested in food, and you’re interested in the future of Birmingham, then join us on-line at newoptimists.com/blog and/or on twitter @newoptimists#TNOfood from 6-9pm

You’ll be joining ten scientists, an architect and the city’s development strategist who are meeting face-to-face. Here they are:

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New Optimists at CASC Conference

Three of us — plant scientist Juliet Coates, microbiologist Peter Lambert and myself (Kate Cooper) as publisher of The New Optimists were on a panel chaired by Sue Beardsmore at the CASC Conference yesterday. (For a video interview of the three of us by Jon Bounds, click here; twitter #eucasc here.)

Juliet and Peter spoke with passion and clarity about why their work matters, and why it matters that non-scientists understand what they do

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