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Linda Hindle on tackling childhood obesity, at Birmingham Sustainability Forum

Linda Hindle‘s presentation at the Birmingham Sustainability Forum was about tackling childhood obesity – incredibly, one in four children in Birmingham are obese by the time they leave primary school.

The aims Linda discussed in her presentation include:

Adrian Morley on establishing the Food-Smart City project, at Birmingham Sustainability Forum

Adrian Morley gave a presentation at the Birmingham Sustainability Forum about the Food-Smart City Project. You can read the full presentation above – in it, Adrian talks about what a food-smart city is and the goals of the project. It aims to forge relationships between West Midlands universities in support of “economic, social and cultural well-being.”

You can read all the posts about this Birmingham Sustainability Forum event elsewhere on the blog, or read tweets from @newoptimists and @bhamfoodcouncil.

Roger Harmer on the development of a Birmingham Food Charter, at Birmingham Sustainability Forum

At the Birmingham Sustainability Forum Roger Harmer gave a presentation about the development of the Birmingham Food Charter.

The presentation covers a lot of interesting points, including the key considerations and aims which factored into its development. But the priorities are particularly worth noting:

  • teach children where food comes from, how to grow/cook food, and what healthy diet consists of
  • make sure every adult can cook a healthy meal which is quick, low-cost and tasty
  • tackle barriers to healthy eating especially for people on low incomes
  • halt childhood obesity
  • radically reduce food waste
  • encourage participation in individual and community growing projects
  • ensure institutions and businesses serve healthy food to staff and customers
  • encourage entrepreneurs to get involved in the local food industry

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Round table discussions at Birmingham Sustainability Forum


We’ve finished the presentations and broken out into table discussions to talk about the issues mentioned by each of the four speakers:

Here’s a summary of the key points from the roundtable discussion, focusing on who should contribute to the priorities of the Food Charter and how can citizens contribute:

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Jim Parle – do you live in an urban food desert in Birmingham?

Jim Parle is a GP and Professor of Primary Care at Birmingham Medical School.  His experience is that too many of the poorest areas of Birmingham are what he calls “deserts” when it comes to good nutrition and good food – and that’s not mum’s fault – it’s the way we plan and structure out cities.  See his initial thoughts as part of the New Optimist Forum below…

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