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Food crime musical: Live audience of 2.5K & #StopFoodCrime trending #3

THTF adding the danceWhile The Hand That Feeds, the food crime musical outside St Martin in the Bullring on Saturday 14th May was buzzing a great audience, our hashtag #StopFoodCrime was trending third in the UK.

Over 2.5K people stopped to watch our live show. We know, we counted ’em! And a very appreciative audience they were too.

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The #StopFoodCrime THTF team – part two – Scientists

Who’s who in the team? continued…

How are we getting the science right?

by Kate Cooper

In the background of this project are a great unsung group of people, those that know a tad or two about food crime from a professional perspective.

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Xhosa Cole – The Hand That Feeds – At the End of the Day.

At the End of the Day

by Xhosa Cole

Xhosa Cole - THTF

Before having met Kate Cooper I’d never really thought about the food that I’d used to put into my body. Of course I’d always been lectured about 5-a-day, 2 litres of water a day and that stuff but as far a I was concerned I was a invincible teenaged boy without a care in the world- as long as my stomach wasn’t rumbling I was happy!

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Graeme Rose – The Hand That Feeds – Wake Up Call

The Hand That Feeds

by Graeme Rose

gargoyle - The Hand That FeedsIt was while planning the first of the New Optimists’ Narrativium performances, ‘Food Futures’, in the summer of 2014, that Kate Cooper started talking about what she called her “Mad Opera” – inspired by the Horsemeat Scandal which had precipitated a media and ministerial storm back in 2013.

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Mez Packer – The Hand That Feeds – IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD


Mez PackerIt was back in spring, 2015, when Kate Cooper asked if I’d like to be involved in a “mad food crime opera”. The challenge, she said, was to turn facts about food crime into an entertaining and accessible story. I was dubious, I mean what was food crime? But Kate’s passion about raising awareness about food adulteration and food fraud was infectious, and I was hooked.

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Birmingham helping lead the way in tackling food crime.

What is Food Crime?

By Kate Cooper

photo of Kate Cooper

photo by Graeme Braidwood

The first time I ever heard the phrase ‘food crime’ was from Professor Chris Elliott. He’d been commissioned by the Government to investigate our food supply network after the ‘Horsegate’ scandal, and he’d asked to see me because of The New Optimists work with scientists.

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Pan narrans? . . . are we the storytelling ape?

image credit - Narrativium - transmedialab.org

A musical about food crime? …of all things!

The New Optimists is a forum of regional scientists from lots of disciplines, keen as anyone to make our world a better place — but with a perspective informed by their day job. 

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#StopFoodCrime . . . Food Crime: The Musical! . . . 14th May . . .

FoodCrime_TheMusicalMidday or 2:30pm on 14th May outside St Martin’s in the Bull Ring is a date for your diary.

Two public performances of Food Crime: The Musical! right slap bang in Birmingham city centre.

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Narrativium III: A theatrical song cycle on food crime

SaraColmanYes, Narrativium III is off the mark! We have enough funding to begin this brilliant project to devise and perform a theatrical song cycle on food crime.

Singer and composer Sara Colman will be the creative drive behind it all, ably assisted by our literary advisor, novelist Mez Packer who, in an earlier life, toured Europe as a jazz singer.

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Food Crime and Integrity in Birmingham

Last night Birmingham Food Council held an event to look at what’s happening in Birmingham following on from the release of The Elliott Report, The report commissioned in response the horse meat scandal.

Professor Chris Elliott, the author of the report joined us to give us an update on the national picture – What has happened since the release of the publication, and Nick Lowe from Birmingham City Council came and gave us a talk on where the council sits – What they are doing to stop food crime and preserve food integrity across the city.

The whole night was live blogged over on the Birmingham Food Council’s website, and you can go there now to get a flavour of the discussions that have taken place.

You can also add your thoughts by joining the #FoodCrime conversation on twitter.

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