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Birmingham helping lead the way in tackling food crime.

What is Food Crime?

By Kate Cooper

photo of Kate Cooper

photo by Graeme Braidwood

The first time I ever heard the phrase ‘food crime’ was from Professor Chris Elliott. He’d been commissioned by the Government to investigate our food supply network after the ‘Horsegate’ scandal, and he’d asked to see me because of The New Optimists work with scientists.

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Kindle Camp — A Kindle Publishing Workshop

We’re going be creating digital books this summer. In the first instance, on Kindle. Our first will be about ten articles by some of our leading scientists in cancer research, both existing and newly commissioned stuff. And in the pipeline is an e-book about the stem cell project too.

To make all this happen, we need experts in digital publishing. So we’ve joined forces with Digital Birmingham on a Kindle Camp, a workshop on how to create e-books. It’s at Aston Business School on 1st June, 1000-1600, lunch provided plus continuous supplies of caffeine. Free, too!

If you’re interested in sharing and developing your expertise in this exciting technology, please sign up here.

Helen Griffiths @ Cafe Scientifique: We age as we eat

Biomedical scientist and New Optimist Professor Helen Griffiths will be leading the May Cafe Scientifique at the Jekyll & Hyde on Steelhouse Lane.

It’s on Tuesday 3rd May (6:30pm for 7pm), and has the title: We age as we eat — passing the sell-by date on health span.

New Optimists at The Spring Thing, Birmingham Book Festival on 9th April

Nick Booth will be chairing another panel of New Optimists at The Spring Thing, run by  Birmingham’s Book Festival at 4:00pm on 9th April 2011 in the Arena Foyer of Birmingham Conservatoire.

Featuring development geographer Professor Hazel Barrett whose research is about HIV spread, neuroscientist Professor Gina Rippon and Director of both The Institute of Gaming and Animation and IT Futures Dr Stuart Slater, it’s sure to be a lively discussion. Their task: to interrogate what the future holds for us.

You can book online here.

Meet the New Optimists – Robin May on personalised treatments

Here is Dr Robin May, of the University of Birmingham’s School of Biosciences, talking about his hopes for personalised treatments of medical patients.

Meet the New Optimists – James Wolffsohn discusses restoring eye focus

Here’s our latest clip, which finds James Wolffsohn, one of the UK’s youngest Professors contemplates how research on restoring eye focus will benefit people, and why he wanted to be part of the project.

James also featured in the optometry blog ‘In the Hot Seat’ interview last year.

Meet the New Optimists – Stuart Slater talks innovation

Our latest video update finds Dr Stuart Slater, Director of the Institute of Gaming and Animation in the West Midlands, talking about innovation and his high hopes for current and future students.

There’s more about Stuart and what he wrote about in The New Optimists here.

Meet the New Optimists – Tim Grant on forensic linguistics

In the next instalment of our round-up from the New Optimists launch event, we speak to Dr Tim Grant, a “natural optimist”, about the role forensic linguistics play in society.

Meet the New Optimists – Andrew Peet on cancer imaging

This is part three of our round-up from the launch event, and this time around we’ve got a quick chat with Dr Andrew Peet who talks about what compelled him to take part in this project.

Meet the New Optimists – David Jones on scientific knowledge

For part 2 of our round-up from the launch event, we spoke to Professor David Jones. Watch the video below to find out what he had to say.

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