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Ten scientists, an architect & the city’s development strategist

Next Wednesday, 2nd November from 6pm to 9pm, ten scientists, an architect (last year’s RIBA President no less) and the city’s development strategist take part in the first New Optimists Forum event.

They’re a great mix of people. And here they are (see photo below for their mugshots):

 (l-r, top row): Plant scientist Eugenio Sanchez-Moran, IT strategist Professor Hanifa Shah, chemical engineer Professor Peter Fryer and biochemist Dr Gareth Griffiths.

(l-r, middle row): Director of Warwick Crop Centre, entomologist Dr Rosemary Collier, Professor of Primary Care Jim Parle, social scientist Dr Peter Lee and architect Ruth Reed.

(l-r, bottom row): Birmingham City Council’s development strategist David Bull, biomedical scientist Professor Helen Griffiths, computer scientist Professor Ian Nabney and public health nutritionist Professor of Sociology Liz Dowler.

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New Optimists Forum: Who’s who for the first event on 2nd November

The New Optimists Forum is a series of conversations among regional scientists and others to generate food security scenarios for Birmingham in 2050.

Here are the list of people engaged on the first event on 2nd November 2011 (in alphabetical order):

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David Bull, Birmingham City Council & the Forum

A bunch of scientists talking about the future of a city is interesting, but may or may not make a difference as they have little or no socio-political clout..

However, if you make sure the guys who make big decisions about infrastructure and investment, and know a tad or two about such matters as demographics, spatial planning and public institutions, also join the party, the odds increase greatly that something meaningful will happen.

And so David Bull, responsible for Development Strategy in Birmingham City Council, is coming along to the first Forum event on 2nd November.

His particular remit is in the provision of transportation infrastructure to support Birmingham’s Growth Agenda and investment for job creation in the city in the future. he has specifically been involved in major infrastructure projects that include the reconstruction of New Street Station, the Northfield Relief Road and the major development issues at Longbridge, plus a new Metro Extension in the city centre, with HS2Ltd and the DfT on the proposals for high speed rail from London to Brum.

He also knows the city well, having worked here for the last nine years, after having worked in West London Boroughs for 12 years.

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