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Will the lights go out?

Could Birmingham do an industrial-city version of what’s been achieved on the Isle of Eigg; i.e. become energy self-sufficient?

The islanders have achieved much through the demand side. Here in Birmingham, we’re about to do something radical on the supply side.

Aston’s EBRI looks set to be the beginning of a game-changer — and in the first instance for Birmingham.

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Build a bunker with a vegetable plot on some high but sheltered ground

Sometimes I’m asked why the New Optimists Forum (twitter: #tnofood) is about feeding Birmingham in 2050, when climate change is now the biggest, most urgent challenge facing humanity.

Here’s why.

“Build a bunker with a vegetable plot on some high but sheltered ground and leave it to your grandchildren; dangerous levels of climate change now look all but inevitable.” So wrote Ian Jack in the Guardian yesterday.

So what, I ask myself, might this mean for us Brummies?

We flee above the bog-line on Kinder Scout along with a million others? Abandon all to join the squabbling gannets on Rockall and intone Carol Anne Duffy’s The Prayer?

Maybe instead Brum counts as “high but sheltered”?

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Competition winner

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the Young Optimists Competition is Ruhi Ur Rashid of Sidney Stringer Street Academy in Coventry.

We’re delighted too that she’s accepted our invitation to come to the Science Capital event on Wednesday 15 June

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Mum’s the word

This post from the Guardian’s Environmental blog takes an interesting angle on the climate change issue – unlike much of the coverage and debate around such a button-pushing topic, it takes a more personal and, above all, motherly point of view — albeit Professor Gail Whiteman, a mum with a prof-ship at Eramus University in Rotterdam.

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Henry Porter: we choose to ignore scientists

Henry Porter’s article in yesterday’s hardcopy Observer was headlined It’s scientists who make Britain great and yet we choose to ignore them . . . A harsher assessment than the toned-down title of the on-line version, but pertinent to a common-enough state of affairs.

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