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Science communication: EU policy recommendations

The Cities and Science Communication (CASC) Final Conference was at Thinktank at the end of January. The Conference Report, a punchy four-pager, is published today. It makes three strong policy recommendations to the EU. The 80 or so Conference delegates from across the EU said that science communication should

  1. strengthen science citizenship
  2. celebrate science and scientists
  3. promote evidence-based research

They have also made  concrete suggestions to EU decision-makers

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New Optimists at CASC Conference

Three of us — plant scientist Juliet Coates, microbiologist Peter Lambert and myself (Kate Cooper) as publisher of The New Optimists were on a panel chaired by Sue Beardsmore at the CASC Conference yesterday. (For a video interview of the three of us by Jon Bounds, click here; twitter #eucasc here.)

Juliet and Peter spoke with passion and clarity about why their work matters, and why it matters that non-scientists understand what they do

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Blogging about science

There are some interesting posts at the Cities and Science Communication (CASC) blog which round up what science blogs have been talking about recently. Some of these discussions about new tools for teaching science, and about how bloggers communicate scientific information, as well as who they’re actually communicating with.

Some of the New Optimists will be taking part in a panel discussion at the CASC conference this Thursday. For me information see this post about it here, and see the CASC blog. You’ll be able to follow the event live at the CASC blog, or on Twitter by following @newoptimists and following the hashtag #eucasc for full coverage of the conference.

New Optimists at EU science comms conference

We’re helping organise the EU-funded Cities and Science Communication (CASC) Conference being held at Thinktank 26th-28th January, i.e. this week.

On Thursday 27th at 1:30pm, there’ll be a panel discussion with The New Optimists, chaired by Sue Beardsmore. Aston’s Professor Peter Lambert, a microbiologist and plant scientist Dr Juliet Coates from the University of Birmingham will be joining Kate Cooper to talk about why science matters to us all.

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