Paul Moss

Will cancer be controlled within a generation? Professor Paul Moss, a clinical haematologist as well as Head of the School of Cancer Studies at the University of Birmingham thinks it will be.

Such a viewpoint coming from a man in his position isn’t some wildly hopeful assertion, but an optimistic argument arising from a deep understanding of the complexities involved in the one of the biggest challenges in medical research.

It’s the argument he puts forward in the first essay in The New Optimists. And below, you can watch a video interview of him talking about why he thinks as he does.

There is also a blogpost about him in the Birmingham Post Science Blog here.

Professor Moss’ particular research interest is in the role of the immune system in the protection from cancer and viral infection. He was also one of the panelists for the British Science Festival event on 15th September 2010, chaired by Sue Beardsmore.

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