Moya Kneafsey

Dr Moya Kneafsey is a Reader in Human Geography in the Faculty of Business, Environment and Society at Coventry University, and co-director of the ARG in Sustainable Agriculture.

She began her post-graduate career in 1997 as a Research Assistant at Coventry University on an international European Commission funded project examining regional quality products and services in lagging rural regions of the European Union.

On completion of this project she was appointed as a Research Fellow and, as project co-applicant, secured further European and UK research council funding for substantial research projects into regional food supply chains and integrated rural tourism.

In her most recently funded research role she was Principal Investigator on a three year cross-disciplinary research project on ‘alternative’ food networks sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council and Arts and Humanities Research Council.  In addition to these large projects, she has also held two smaller grants from the Countryside Agency to conduct research related to local foods.

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