Monika Solanki

The world is awash with information. But how can people get hold of relevant information in a timely manner, and in ways that they can understand?

One of the big issues for someone designing the system to supply information is that it’s held in lots of databases. So getting the databases to do some of the information selection is at the heart of what’s becoming known as the “semantic web” — the topic of the New Optimists Forum meeting on 11th June 2012 in Dr Monika Solanki took part.

And the reason why is because her research is in this field. More formally, she explores areas of cross domain knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation and reasoning, within the context of Semantic Web and linked data.

She’s also part of the EnALgae project team where she’s involved in building a web service based decision support system to enable stakeholders to discover, analyse and visualise various facets of semantically enriched linked datasets from the algal biomass domain.

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