Keith Richards

As you can see from the photo, this Keith Richards is not a Rolling Stone — though had I asked the ageing rock star to edit The New Optimists, we would have had a radically different book.

I asked this Keith Richards to edit the scientists’ essays for the book as over the years, I’d worked with him from time to time, bringing him in  to some of my consulting work with blue-chip clients.

Keith’s field is linguistics, my own academic background many moons ago, so I know how useful his knowledge is, and the stance experts in the field take with regard to communication — or more often than not, the tortuous nature or sheer lack of communication between people.

Keith brings a wealth of experience, and the latest thinking in his field, to our work. Add to that, his ever-curious mind, a healthy scepticism of just about everything and a wild sense of humour, and he’s a wonderful contributor to The New Optimists.

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