Jim Parle

Jim ParleJim Parle, Professor of Primary Care at the University of Birmingham’s Medical School, has been 40 years a Brummie, 30 years a clinician and 20 years an academic.

His research has been published widely, including in the Lancet and the British Medical Journal, and includes work on thyroid function, and on medical education. mostly in medical education and in thyroid disease (interestingly in this context, most commonly a condition caused by dietary deficiency, at least outside the UK).

Physicians, it could be argued, hold a place mid-way between science and society, and (although nutrition is not well taught at medical schools) food and its consequences, so to speak, are very much part of day-to-day medicine. Currently the discourse about food in the UK is mostly about obesity, and mostly ‘blaming’ of individuals. But government and society (and medicine) have responsibilities here too.

Jim has an allotment which supplies gloriously fresh food to family and friends. He has two children running restaurants in London, the acclaimed chef Stevie Parle of the Dock Kitchen, and Lizzie and her partner run The Rail Road in Hackney.

He’s also among the first group of people to take part in the New Optimists Forum and a video of him talking about food deserts in Birmingham is here.

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