James Wolffsohn

Over the past decade, our ability to precisely measure the dimensions of the eye have greatly improved. This means that optometrists can now make much more accurate calculations for the optimum intracular lens (IOL) power to implant. So explains Professor James Wolffsohn in The New Optimists, also making the point that such technologies could revolutionise people’s lives in developing countries where affordable spectacles are difficult to come by.

A Birmingham Post Science Blog post can be read here. And a Meet the New Optimists video interview with James is below:

Professor Wolffsohn is one of the world’s leading researchers in optometry and Deputy Executive Dean for the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University.

His research and teaching interests mainly revolve around intraocular lenses, contact lenses, low vision and the measurement of accommodation, having published over 90 peer reviewed academic papers and given numerous international presentations. He is also a past President of the British Contact Lens Association. He has recently published the Low Vision Manual with Professor Jonathan Jackson and an Eye Essentials Series book Imaging.

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