Helen Griffiths

The payoff against an increase in life span has been than health span does not necessarily follow suit, says Helen Griffiths, Aston University’s Professor in Biomedical Sciences as well as Executive Dean. She was also the founder of theĀ Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing.

Until comparatively recently, many people died suddenly from infection. Nowadays, however, women will typically experience the last nine of so years with chronic, debilitating illness, and men 6.8 years. But the routes to solve the puzzle of ageing are being mapped.

Professor Griffiths’ research interests are proteomic approaches to biomarker determination, and the interplay between lips/sphingolipids and reactive oxygen spaces in inflammataion and ageing.

She won the 1st Catherine Pasquier Prize from the European Society for Free Radical Research, and the Aston Excellence Award in 2009 for Outstanding Researcher of the Year.

She is also among the first group of people to take part in the New Optimists Forum.

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