Graham Medley

While Warwick’s Professor Graham Medley was writing his contribution to The New Optimists, the UK was in the middle of the first wave of the H1N1 influenza epidemic first detected in Mexico — his was more than an ordinary interest for the transmission of disease is the focus of his research.

Although convinced that infectious diseases will continue to plague humanity and the plants and animals we care about for the rest of his career, he’s optimistic that our understanding of disease will enhance, that the quality of data we collect will improve, that new methods will be developed to analyse the data and that interdisciplinary groups will emerge with far-reaching beneficial consequences.

With Jack Cohen, he wrote the hugely entertaining yet erudite book Stop Working and Start Thinking, a great intro to the research world for new postgrads embarking on an academic career — as well as being a lot of fun for the rest of us.

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