Gina Rippon

Imagine being able to make running repairs to the brain itself . . . Gina Rippon is Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging at Aston University, and is acutely aware of the possibilities of this, and of the very plasticity of our brains.

Her research involves the application of brain imaging techniques, particularly electroencephalography (EEG) and Magnetoencephalography (MEG), to studies of normal and abnormal cognitive processes, most recently in the study of Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Professor Rippon was one of the panelists for the New Optimists British Science Festival event on 15th September 2010, chaired by broadcaster Sue Beardsmore and is appearing at The Spring Thing on 9th April 2011. An article she wrote for The Sunday Times during the Science Festival was widely reported, and she featured on Radio 4’s Today programme, as well as writing a blogpost for UKRC Challenging neuro nonsense about women’s brains.

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