David Chandler

“If history tells us anything, it tells us that our capacity for scientific discovery and invention runs far ahead of our ability to use knowledge and technology wisely,” so says Dr David Chandler, a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Warwick.

What we are learning from science, he continues, is just how deeply we are connected to each other and to the natural world. His research in controlling the impact of pests on our crops is complex — and literally vital to feeding the world’s population.

Agricultural production will have to increase significantly in the next decades to meet the demands of an expanding human population.  This needs to be done without causing further strain to the environment. Pests reduce the potential global yield of crops by 30 – 40%.  Therefore, improving pest control is a highly significant way of increasing access to food. The best way to achieve this is through Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  Biological control using entomopathogens can be a valuable component of IPM.

Dr Chandler, with a first degree in biology and a doctorate in mycology, is a microbiologist and entomologist, and conducts research into invertebrate microbial interactions. His main areas of interest are biological pest control, Integrated Pest Management, and bee health.

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