Andreas Hornung

Providing everyone on the planet with sufficient energy and water is an unprecedented challenge, which will only increase with a growing population unless we find new ways of meeting this challenge. One solution, says Andreas Hornung, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Aston University, is to use biomass residue (e.g. waste wood, sewage sludge, et al) as an energy source.

A blogpost about his work, and the building of a demonstrator power plant on the Aston campus with great potential impact on Birmingham’s future energy supplies can be read here. A more recent blogpost, Will the lights go out? is about energy security for Birmingham and Martin Freer on energy security for the UK.

Appropriately, Professor Hornung is one of the key participants in the New Optimists Forum work on distributed energy.

Professor Hornung, who is also Head of the European Bioenergy Research Institute, has major research interests in pyrolysis processes from micro-scale to technical application, and in the thermo-chemical treatment of biomass.

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