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Adrian Morley on establishing the Food-Smart City project, at Birmingham Sustainability Forum

Adrian Morley gave a presentation at the Birmingham Sustainability Forum about the Food-Smart City Project. You can read the full presentation above – in it, Adrian talks about what a food-smart city is and the goals of the project. It aims to forge relationships between West Midlands universities in support of “economic, social and cultural well-being.”

You can read all the posts about this Birmingham Sustainability Forum event elsewhere on the blog, or read tweets from @newoptimists and @bhamfoodcouncil.

Roger Harmer on the development of a Birmingham Food Charter, at Birmingham Sustainability Forum

At the Birmingham Sustainability Forum Roger Harmer gave a presentation about the development of the Birmingham Food Charter.

The presentation covers a lot of interesting points, including the key considerations and aims which factored into its development. But the priorities are particularly worth noting:

  • teach children where food comes from, how to grow/cook food, and what healthy diet consists of
  • make sure every adult can cook a healthy meal which is quick, low-cost and tasty
  • tackle barriers to healthy eating especially for people on low incomes
  • halt childhood obesity
  • radically reduce food waste
  • encourage participation in individual and community growing projects
  • ensure institutions and businesses serve healthy food to staff and customers
  • encourage entrepreneurs to get involved in the local food industry

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Round table discussions at Birmingham Sustainability Forum


We’ve finished the presentations and broken out into table discussions to talk about the issues mentioned by each of the four speakers:

Here’s a summary of the key points from the roundtable discussion, focusing on who should contribute to the priorities of the Food Charter and how can citizens contribute:

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Putting ideas (and food) on the table – food scenarios for Birmingham 2050 #TNOfood

The participants came up with ideas and scenarios in small groups which they recorded on tablecloths. They then presented the ideas to the rest of the group, using a range of approaches and media.

These different forms included a drama piece which segued from a food-related criminal investigation in a police station to a family scene which imagined a period of rationing, covering ideas such as animal and even humans being eaten as a source of food in the future.

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“It’s 2050 in Birmingham. Are we happy and well?” #TNOfood

Creating Stories From the Future: Food Scenarios for Birmingham 2050

Creating Stories From the Future: Food Scenarios for Birmingham 2050

A dozen participants in the Creating Stories From the Future workshop at Birmingham Leadership Foundation introduce themselves to each other in small groups – but introducing themselves to each other as their 2050 self. Fast-forwarding 38 years, they’re talking about what their future self is doing and what they’re eating.

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A final round-up of great blogposts from Blog Action Day #BAD11

Here’s one last round-up of fascinating blogposts which we didn’t get chance to share on the day itself:

Birmingham on brink of a new era in generating electricity

Birmingham City Council has plans to generate its own electricity. Harking back to the days of Joseph Chamberlain, the idea is supported by deputy council leader Paul Tilsley, who says that the use of solar panels could make this a reality.

There are already more concrete plans to generate power going on next to the Sack of Potatoes pub in Gosta Green. And I mean ‘concrete’ both metaphorically and literally.

Few people appear to have heard of this exciting development. Yet with £16.5M  of EU money, our very own Professor Andreas Hornung is pioneering a revolutionary carbon-negative  process under the auspices of the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI).

He’ll soon be in charge of an industrial-scale demonstrator power plant actually being

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Face to Face with the New Optimists: Roslyn Bill talks about healthy ageing

It’s been a busy week for Dr Roslyn Bill. Head of the Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing, at Aston University, Ros spoke to us earlier this week to tell us all about what’s happening at ARCHA, including the showcase event they held last week.

Not only that but she’s also joined the ranks of Birmingham Post bloggers, writing a blog about the research centre. You can read more from Ros and the other New Optimists here.

Birmingham Post Science blog round-up 27-09-2011

Want to know what the New Optimists have been blogging about recently over at the Birmingham Post Science blog? Here’s a quick recap of the interesting stuff you can find over there:

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