Food crime musical: Live audience of 2.5K & #StopFoodCrime trending #3

THTF adding the danceWhile The Hand That Feeds, the food crime musical outside St Martin in the Bullring on Saturday 14th May was buzzing a great audience, our hashtag #StopFoodCrime was trending third in the UK.

Over 2.5K people stopped to watch our live show. We know, we counted ’em! And a very appreciative audience they were too.

And here are just a few of many comments they made:

What’s food crime? I need to look this up.

Political and snazzy! Love it!

I live in London and it’s so difficult to know where your food is coming from. Made me think.

Fantastic music. Really interesting.

ChrisElliott_FoodCrimeMusical14thMay2016Professor Chris Elliott, he of the Government’s Elliot Review of our food supply network set up after the horsemeat scandal in 2013, flew in from Belfast to see the show. (He’s in the middle of the crowd in this photo by Graeme Braidwood.)

He loved it, wants us to take it over to Belfast, thought Mez Packer’s script very ‘clever’, a view echoed by another in the audience who said What a clever way of learning about this.

Indeed yes.

AnthonyMilesBenO'HareGraemeRose_FoodCrimeMusicalAnd what was my favourite moment?

There were lots of great songs, comic turns, drama and melodrame — Sam Fox & Bob Brueton as gangsters, Ben O’Hare as the knife-wielding sheep chasing Robbie (Anthony Miles) around the stage (see left, just before the ‘sheep’ grabbed the knife), Castle Vale Choir in full throat singing Family Man right at the end . . .

But it’s none of these moments, great though they all were.

VodkaRap_14thMay2016Rather it’s the Vodka Rap. James, Jason and Aaron giving their all (see right).

And James is due a special accolade. He set up and leads the Castle Vale Community Choir who joined us on this fabulous, amazing musical project. Respect!



2 responses to “Food crime musical: Live audience of 2.5K & #StopFoodCrime trending #3”

  1. E. Smith says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching. Not only did it make me more aware, I now understand completely the full meaning of Food Crime.
    All thanks to this musical explanation.
    The Actors made it so entertaining, you just had to stay until it finished. Everyone involved, The Choir, the Acting , the singing, gosh! Everyone in the background.
    Excellent show and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again along with my friends. Thank you to All.

  2. Kate Cooper says:

    Thank you! Delighted you enjoyed it so much. We all enjoyed making it happen. Evidence, should anyone need it, that you can take a very serious topic, get important messages out AND have huge fun!

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