Anthony Miles – The Hand That Feeds – Posh Super Tasty

Finely tuning my label gullibility.

By Anthony Miles

Anthony Miles - The Hand That Feeds Hi, I’m Anthony Miles and I’m a performer in ‘The Hand that Feeds.’ A project to raise awareness of an important issue affecting the food we potentially consume.

I should mention at this point that the working title for this project was ‘Food Crime the Musical.’ Food Crime? ‘What is that?’ I thought. I know, the results of my attempts to a cook a moussaka… is that Food Crime!

Actually, no. Something far worse. A multi million pound criminal industry – a lucrative type of fraud surpassing people trafficking and the drug trade. Part of its definition – ‘When food on the market deliberately deceives the consumer for financial gain.’

Imagine a mafia, hair nets instead of shades and pinafores over their black suits spinning money by doing everything to food from counterfeiting alcohol to adding fertiliser to your sugar.

Most importantly it’s an invisible crime to Joe Public. Me certainly. I’ve always been a label trusting consumer. I buy the ‘posh super tasty,’ range when I can because it’s clearly tastier, healthier and more responsibly sourced than the alternative. Right?

I drink fruit juice because of the dewy picture of the ripe mango on the carton. Has that ship’s captain just bread crumbed that freshly caught cod himself?

Sadly nothing is necessarily what it says on the tin, packet, vacuumed bag or anything else.

No I’m not saying I think food is unsafe as I have it on good authority that food testing in supermarkets is rigorous in this country. However, I am finely tuning my label gullibility. After all, I too own a printer.

Also, processed foods provide more opportunities for contamination. So my ‘I don’t care because it’s tasty, cheap and easy’ attitude is now ‘there are more certain ways of knowing exactly what fuel I have chosen for my body.’


Anthony Miles – Narrativium Engineer – Performer

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“The Hand That Feeds – a musical about food crime” is being staged on the steps of St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham city centre – Saturday 14th May at 12 noon and again at 2.30pm.

Narrativium III performance area

Performing here…

Those that register for #StopFoodCrime-fighter goodie bags can collect them before and after the performances.

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  1. […] Anthony Miles – The Hand That Feeds – Posh Super Tasty […]

  2. […] Anthony Miles – The Hand That Feeds – Posh Super Tasty […]

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