Time to make a song and dance and #StopFoodCrime

We have the songs, the music, a choir, the performers… now all we need is you and your family and friends.

We love our Banner (first one below), that one is taking pride of place at the top of our Facebook Page and I’m sure will appear in numerous blog posts and social media updates. Feel free to download and use it when telling your friends and colleagues about us. If you do use any of the graphics below we’d love to see your posts so add a comment to this post with a link to your story or ad.


THTF Facebook / Blog Banner

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I don’t know why but projects like these become so much more real when on paper. These digital assets have the potential to be seen the most. Please save them to your hard drives and share them with our blessings. This one (below) is the A-side of our A5 flyer that I can’t wait to see in print.  As I said if you use a flyer, write about us on your website, share our performance event with your networks and friends please post a link in the comments and we can give it a tweet out from our @NewOptimists Twitter Account


The Hand That Feeds - A5 Flyer A-side

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On the Flip Side… our B-side we have the Who’s Who, What, When, and Why (well sort of) – All the essential info you need to know about our fabulous troupe before you come to see us perform. And don’t worry, there will be an ‘actual’ flyer for you in our FoodCrime-Fighters goodie bag you can sign up for. Stick it on your dorm wall, pin it on your home notice board.

Goodie bags will be available for collection before and after each performance. PLEASE NOTE: only folk who register for a bag of goodies online will have one waiting for them on the day. Numbers are limited to 200.


The Hand That Feeds - A5 Flyer B-side

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To see more #StopFoodCrime web activity visit our social media producer’s social scrapbook that pulling in the best bits for posterity.

Read all our recently #StopFoodCrime blog posts about this project – The Hand That Feeds

PRESS CALLS: contact Charlotte Gregory, Producer by email – charlottegregory1@hotmail.com


“The Hand That Feeds – a musical about food crime” is being staged on the steps of St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham city centre – Saturday 14th May at 12 noon and again at 2.30pm.

Narrativium III performance area

Performing here…

Those that register for #StopFoodCrime-fighter goodie bags can collect them before and after the performances.

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