Narrativium III: A theatrical song cycle on food crime

SaraColmanYes, Narrativium III is off the mark! We have enough funding to begin this brilliant project to devise and perform a theatrical song cycle on food crime.

Singer and composer Sara Colman will be the creative drive behind it all, ably assisted by our literary advisor, novelist Mez Packer who, in an earlier life, toured Europe as a jazz singer. Graeme Rose will be directing it all — I managed to catch him yesterday just before he left for a theatre tour with Stan’s Cafe down-under and then on to Hong Kong.

I like to think this project will morph into rock-opera-meets-Greek-chorus-meets-community-choir-meets-jazz-composition, but that is a minority view (a minority of one, let me say). Whatever wonderful music and words are created, it will be performed in the foyer of the Library of Birmingham and live streamed into the Bull Ring Markets. Exact date to be decided, but it’ll happen one Saturday in the spring of 2016.

Chris_ElliottIt’ll be huge fun to do. Much more than fun of course — the content is about food crime and its impact, plus the science behind both the unscrupulous criminals and those who find ‘em.

And Professor Chris Elliott has agreed to be our science advisor, so that’ll keep the artistic crew on their toes. (He’s said he’ll be our advisor  “providing, Kate, you don’t get me on the stage” . . . Now there’s a challenge.)

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