The New Optimists Summer Update

FrontPage_TNO_Update_2014I did some totting up in compiling this latest Update. Over 220 people have taken part one way or t’other with The New Optimists.

As you’d expect, a fair few (over 130 and counting) are scientists. Have they had any impact? But of course. They have a book, a Kindle, 27 reports and papers (including the substantial Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project Report), podcasts and video-interviews to their collective credit.

Plus four great spin-offs — and here they are in order of appearance:



    1. Growing Birmingham
    2. Birmingham Food Council
    3. Elliott Review Birmingham (which means the city can take the UK lead in tackling food crime)
    4. Narrativium Projects — book into the mac to see the fruits of the first project on 27th September

I salute everyone involved. And it’s all been cracking good fun!

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