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ChrisElliott@ElliottReviewBirminghamThis is the updated Elliott Review Birmingham report. We’ve added in references to the final Elliott Report, which was published only last Thursday.

After the workshop we co-hosted with the Elliott Review Team last April, Birmingham made specific offers, as outlined in section 2 of our report (pages 4-5). These are replicated in full in the final Elliott Report (annex N).

We’ve also quoted part of Preface and part of the Introduction of the final Elliott Report at the beginning of section 3 of our report (pages 6-8). This section asks questions about our food provenance and authenticity — some of the issues we identified fit with the Prof’s assessment of the national situation. In summary, there has been a lack of attention on food authenticity, food fraud and food crime. This, coupled with the UK’s fragile system of independent laboratories, means there must be radical changes.

Things can change, as indicated in the best case scenario the participants drew up is described in section 4 of our report (page 14), which is also quoted verbatim in the Prof’s final report.


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