Over 220 great people involved . . .

I’m writing an update on what’s been going on with us over the last few months. As part of this, I’ve done some adding up.

Over 220 people have been involved one way or t’other. 124 of these are scientists, including social scientists —and of these, 72 are Professors. 46 non-scientists also participated in workshops or other events. Another 9 are already involved on the Narrativium Projects. And a further 22 people have used their talents in a variety of ways to help everything along, from social media to facilitation, from analysing stuff to writing reports . . .

Look at ’em! What stars they are, eh.

the following people who participated in workshops, including the Elliott Review Birmingham

The Narrativium Project people are these, along with some fine people from the Birmingham Leadership Foundation:

And these people  contributed some other important way, from compiling a report to keeping me in order, from social media reporting to facilitation of events . . . and more, much more

Add in, too, the 19 young scientists, who we’re beginning to interview on video for our YouTube channel and for the Library of Birmingham over the coming months . . .

 . . . & don’t forget BBC Science Correspondent David Shukman who launched the book in 2010.


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