Carolyn Dawson New Optimist – cleaner hands means longer lasting antibiotics

Over the past few weeks we’ve been meeting young scientists new to the New Optimists, and asking them that simple question again: “What makes you optimistic….?” 

Above you can see Carolyn Dawson of Warwick University and University Hospitals, Coventry and Warwickshire talk about her work in infection control.

Earlier this year the public voted to focus the £10 million pound Longitude Prize on the problem of finding a cheap and quick test to see if antibiotics should be prescribed. This is because antibiotics are losing their effectiveness for many people and animals.

Carolyn is optimistic that there are other approaches to reduce the speed at which we will lose effective antibiotics. Her research focuses on how we can encourage people in hospitals to clean their hands and their environment more fictively – to stop the spread of microbes and so reduce the need to prescribe antibiotics. Here she explains how this become more likely to work if you find ways to sincerely involve everyone in the clinics in the research and the implementation.

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