Elliott Review: Workshop outputs


The Elliott Review was set up by HM Government in response to the horsemeat scandal; they asked the Prof to lead it. A great choice; he’s Director of the Global Food Safety Institute as well as a top-notch molecular bioscientist.

The Prof asked us to help him and his Review team draw a case study of how a major UK city could tackle food crime for inclusion in their final Report.

To that end, we consulted widely across the food supply network in Birmingham, and co-hosted a workshop with the Review team at Aston Villa on 2nd April.

We will be publishing our own Elliott Review Birmingham Report, with a publication date coinciding with the Prof’s final Report. In the meantime, we’ve decided to publish the outputs from the April workshop, which you can find here.

This document contains links to the live social media reporting carried out during the workshop, plus participants’ summaries of the day, some key points for further discussion that the Elliott Review team drew up at the end of the workshop, all the hardcopy notes the participants made, plus the ‘snippet stream’ compiled by three of the Elliott Review team who periodically jotted down what they heard being said.

note: The photo above is of Professor Chris Elliott (left) with Aldi’s CEO UK Operations (centre) and Haweli restaurant owner and post-doc Aston life scientist, taken at the workshop we hosted at Aston Villa on 2nd April, part of our consultation exercise for the Elliot Review.

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