The Narrativium Project — Birmingham 2050: One Family, Three Futures

NarrativiumBirmingham2050FrontispieceAs part of the Arts Council-funded Narrativium Project, Keith and Ellie Richards have created stories and background information about a five-generation Birmingham family set in several possible futures: Birmingham 2050: One family, three futures.

They’ve cleverly taken the info from the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project, compared the state of play in our world in 2013 with possibilities in 2050, also generated sample best and worst case scenarios, then created these four entertaining stories about characters in this fictional Birmingham family.

Accompanying these stories is a family tree, and summaries of each story, plus at the end of it all, a note about the Scenarios Project, and some activities to make you think (a lot!).

The father and daughter Richards team have written an amazing piece of work, highly informed by the work of the New Optimists Forum (Ellie was, after all, one of the analysts on the project) . . . with loads of background information, and these lively, entertaining stories.

A brilliant starter-for-10 for the young artists Clare Edwards, and Dan Whitehouse of mac birmingham will be recruiting.



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