The Arts Council & the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios: The Narrativium Project

It was Terry Pratchett who first coined the word ‘narrativium’ as the element upon which we humans run.

We are, after all, pan narrans, the story-telling ape. It’s new “narrativium” we need to drive radical change in our response to the huge global challenges we’re facing.

PrintTo this end, the Arts Council have funded us to take everything we’ve learned from scientists and others on the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project and create “narrativium”, multi-media stories from the future.

We’ll be working in partnership with Clare Edwards, musician Sid Peacock and Daniel Whitehouse with mac birmingham. Young artists —  actors, film-makers, musicians, dramatists — will create Narrativium, multi-media ‘stories from the future’.

We got together a few days ago to plan the project in detail. Dan and Clare will be recruiting talented youngsters through Ideas Tap . . . and no, we don’t know what the nature of that talent will be. But whoever they are, and whatever they create, it will be performed in public at mac birmingham at the end of July . . .

Image collation (from Jak's film)And, so that they’re not going to have to wade through all the info we’ve gleaned over the last couple of years, the artists’ starting point will be stories Keith and Ellie Richards have generated, about individuals from a five-generation Birmingham family — set in four possible 2050s.

We’ll be publishing these starting-point stories within a couple of weeks; there’s a tad more work to do on them.

note: You may remember that in December 2012, we ran a workshop with young people in partnership with the Birmingham Leadership Foundation, to generate fictional versions of the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios — the images above are from that workshop.

What we learned then was that the idea to bring in young creatives to make the scenarios live was a great thing to do. We also learned that it takes more time than a single workshop  . . . Hence our application to the Arts Council.

Watch this space. This Narrativium project is a brilliant, thrilling spin-off from the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project.

3 responses to “The Arts Council & the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios: The Narrativium Project”

  1. Norman Leet says:

    How can a performer or performers apply to be one of the artists?


  2. Kate Cooper says:

    Daniel and Clare will be putting out a call through Ideas Tap soon. I’ll be writing another blogpost about it — and we’ll spread the word about it through social media too.

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