The scientists, the scenarios, the forum: What’s coming up

The November 2013 update from The New Optimists takes in everything that’s happened since the publication of the book. . . and, even more important, sets things out for what’ll be happening next.

in the immediate future, we’re recruiting rising young scientist stars in the Midlands for a series of brief video interviews over the next few months.

Know someone, perhaps a PhD or postdoc researcher doing interesting stuff? Do encourage them to get in touch with me here.

They’ll be joining a pretty impressive crew. Nearly 150 people are already involved, including 110+ scientists with expertise ranging from stem cells to fuel cells; they’re listed on the second page of this November 2013 update.

As well as the video interview, they may well be asked to join one of the New Optimists Forum activities and/or their spin-offs. If they’re interested in this side of things, do please point them in the direction of this blogpost about the brilliant impact of the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project.

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