Round table discussions at Birmingham Sustainability Forum


We’ve finished the presentations and broken out into table discussions to talk about the issues mentioned by each of the four speakers:

Here’s a summary of the key points from the roundtable discussion, focusing on who should contribute to the priorities of the Food Charter and how can citizens contribute:
  • We should also be considering skincare as an important part of nutrition, as well as food
  • Supermarkets and schools as key contributors
  • How can allotments be better used? They are the basis of the local food economy
  • We are all part of networks – resources can be brought together so we can contribute collectively
  • Local forums should be considered as board members of Birmingham Food Council
  • Aiding and facilitating cycling and walking as a way of reducing obesity
  • Innovation in Birmingham’s neighbourhoods – a Food Council could spread best practice across the city
  • Eating well and eating happily (enjoying the food as well as it being healthy)
  • Importance of educating children about fruit & veg
  • How does a city as a whole change? Everyone should see the “bigger picture” – strengthen networks and expand networks between each other so aims of Food Charter can be spread to a much wider audience
  • Re-education of people involved in supply chain
  • Need a mechanism for communities to reclaim land from the council, which can be used as a growing space
  • Maybe an agreement with supermarkets about using their food waste
  • Plea for Birmingham City Council to find a way of reducing number of fast food outlets

You can read tweets about the event from @newoptimists and @BhamFoodCouncil. And you can read Kate Cooper’s presentation about Birmingham Food Council here.

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