Wednesday 6-9pm: Debate on Birmingham 2050 food futures

It’s today! If you’re interested in food, and you’re interested in the future of Birmingham, then join us on-line at and/or on twitter @newoptimists#TNOfood from 6-9pm

You’ll be joining ten scientists, an architect and the city’s development strategist who are meeting face-to-face. Here they are:

On the top row (l-r), they are EugenioHanifaPeter and Gareth. On the middle row, RosemaryJimPeter and Ruth. On the bottom row, there’s David, Helen, Ian and Liz.

And they’re coming to this first event of The New Optimists Forum, and the start of a year-long scenario planning exercise on food futures for Birmingham 2050. 

Along with these people, there will be half a dozen others, too. Myself (Kate Cooper, I’ll be kicking things off), along with Norman Leet (who’s facilitating), Frances O’Brien (from Warwick Business School, who’ll be keeping us focussed on scenario planning, not just chatting happily) and a Podnosh social reporter team of Nick Booth, Jon Bounds and Gavin Wray.

A special thanks to Minor Weir and Willis for hosting this event. (I blogged about my previous visit to them here.)

And we’re really grateful to all our sponsors for the New Optimists Forum:




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