Kate Cooper interviewed by the wonderful Patrick Redmond

Last Sunday, I was interviewed by the wonderful Patrick Redmond of Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub.

It had taken me ages to write down why I’m doing what I’m doing so that it’d make sense, and then this wonderful man asks me a few questions on Skype and it all came tumbling out in minutes. And ‘cos Patrick is a really good interviewer, what came over somehow made the New Optimists the human thing it is as well as brill and important.

This morning, @SimonBrettell tweeted “On the way to work today I listened to @paddyrex on the @Brum_Skeptics podcast. Give it a try you might learn something bit.ly/rqUn6e”

Thank you, Simon.

Oh, and hang in after my interview to hear Patrick interview the great Narendra Nayak, rationalist, skeptic, writer. You can hear the standalone interview about the New Optimists here.

(If you’re on an iPad or iPhone, you might need to listen via iTunes here, broadcast date 20/09/2011.)

One response to “Kate Cooper interviewed by the wonderful Patrick Redmond”

  1. roni says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop..much appreciated.Have forwarded this to family and friends.Lets keep the stories coming and evolving.Roni

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