New Optimists at CASC Conference

Three of us — plant scientist Juliet Coates, microbiologist Peter Lambert and myself (Kate Cooper) as publisher of The New Optimists were on a panel chaired by Sue Beardsmore at the CASC Conference yesterday. (For a video interview of the three of us by Jon Bounds, click here; twitter #eucasc here.)

Juliet and Peter spoke with passion and clarity about why their work matters, and why it matters that non-scientists understand what they do — and youngsters understand how exciting it is to be at the forefront of discovery, of new ideas.

All this in front a a lively audience, professional science communicators from across Europe, involved in the Cities and Science Communication (CASC) Project. These guys will be making policy recommendations for science communication in Europe.  It might just make a big difference too, as some EU topdogs (MEP Malcolm Harbour was at the Conference Dinner last night) will be reading and acting on the Conference Report.

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