Science under attack – Paul Nurse on the Horizon programme

Nobel Prize winner, President of the Royal Society and generally Good Bloke, Sir Paul Nurse was on the BBC Horizon programme Science under Attack, broadcast last night . . . if you didn’t see it, then do please go to iPlayer within the next 27 days.

It’s a brilliant polemic about why science is important, and why we need informed debate about the challenges facing humanity — climate change, feeding 9 billion people, treating or preventing serious illness — debate informed by evidence, not by hunch, by  intuition or by belief, however weird, wonderful or beguiling.

I’ve written about Paul before on my Birmingham Post blog, quoting his Nobel autobiography where he writes about his undergraduate days at the University of Birmingham.

He often visits the city so, like many in Brum including lots of schoolchildren, I’ve met him a few times and can attest he really is a Good Bloke, besides being great fun to be with.

Leathers and bikes aren’t quite my scene ever since I skidded on ice and fell off a Honda 75cc when a student. Nonetheless, I still find it appealing that this guy with a mind the size of several galaxies bought a Harley Davidson with some of his Nobel prize money.

The 9th President of Rockefeller University, this month he became the first Director and CEO of the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation. Welcome back!

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