Tonight’s the night!

The official launch of The New Optimists: Scientists View Tomorrow’s World & What It Means To Us is only hours away, and looks set to be a cracking evening’s entertainment.

The BBC’s David Shukman will speak, and then Ben Markland Quartet with Sara Colman will take over, creating a composition in the moment about the content of the book . . . and all under the direction of the diner audience. (It will rock!)

You can already buy The New Optimists on Amazon, along with David Shukman’s latest book Reporting Live from the End of the World and Sara Colman’s 2009 CD Ready

Project sponsors University of Birmingham (College of Medical and Dental Sciences) and Aston University, plus Wellcome Image Award winner, local photomicrographer Spike Walker, and the Institute of Gaming and Animation with David Burden’s Daden, will all have exhibitions/displays.

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