Because laughter into science does go

Currently the face of modern science on television, Dr Brian Cox isn’t content with having been a part of the music industry (as a member of D:Ream) but appears to now be on a mission to prove that comedy into science does fit.

A recent appearance on flagship BBC panel show Would I Lie to You? was preceded by two series of Radio 4 vehicle The Infinite Monkey Cage, co-presented with stand-up, writer and Carl Sagan enthusiast Robin Ince. A quick delve into the archives reveals this podcast, where he guided satirist and comedy giant Chris Morris around CERN.

The two are of course compatible – even in the most serious and intricate research there’s often a warmth and humour behind the intentions. As Jenny Uglow writes in her foreword to the The New Optimists, “the issues are serious, but the answers will often make you laugh. All the writers convey their own excitement in their work…”

There’s plenty more of that in the book, too.

And if you fancy some more surreal viewing, here’s Chris Morris taking a surgeon’s knife to the media sensationalism that often surrounds science, from his Brass Eye series.

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  2. Here are a “few” more science jokes. Nearly 100 collated from scientists taking part in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here, earlier this year:

  3. simonharper says:

    Thanks for the link Shane – I particularly enjoyed the Schrodinger’s Cat and ‘pork pi’ gags! Although the thought of a chicken duct-taped to a squirrel is a curiously off-the-wall image too.

    Obviously quite a few footballing rivalries going on there too!

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