What’s the connection between lobsters and leukemia?

  • What’s the connection between lobsters and leukaemia?
  • Which child’s toy was used in the development of the first contact lens?
  • How many litres of water does it take to produce (a) a litre of milk and (b) a kilogram of beef? (Add a nought to each of the figures you’ve just come up with.)
  • How many people have become infected with TB in the last minute?
  • If you wanted to avoid injury would you choose to be a racing driver, a footballer, a ballet dancer or a builder?
  • Which country was primarily responsible for the eradication of smallpox?

These questions are from Keith Richards’ Introduction to The New Optimists. I watched Marc Reeves‘ face as he read them, and other extracts from the book this morning at Urban Coffee. He was intrigued, and excited by some of the scientists’ stories — and will be writing a review of the book in The Business Desk soon.

Meanwhile, let me give you a tad more from Keith’s Introduction:

The answers to all of these are to be found in the contributions that follow, but even more interesting are the questions waiting to be answered. Derek Alderson tells us in his contribution that over the last forty years the incidence of oesophageal adenocarcinoma has risen from just one tenth to three-quarters of all oesophageal cancers in the UK and that the UK has the highest incidence of this form of cancer in the world, but as yet we don’t know why. The writers in this collection convey the excitement, and sometimes the urgency, of confronting questions such as these. Theirs is an optimism grounded in engagements of this kind – and it is all the more inspiring for that.

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