Chris Buckham & the name ‘Linus’

When the bluebells were in all their glory in the spring of 2009, Chris Buckham and I walked the Cotswold Way from Broadway to the Mount Inn at Stanton with me talking about this project as we made our way along this lovely path.

I wanted his take on whether I was off my head or not in thinking it was a brilliant idea.

I’ve known him yonks so I knew he’d tell the truth, plus I valued his opinion as he’s an experienced marketeer, currently an Experian Decision Analytics executive. Yup, he saw it for what it was, a brilliantly simple and effective idea.

And a couple of months later, he and I talked over supper one evening after his kids had gone to bed about the business of it all. It was that evening that we came up with the name “Linus” for the publishing company; whether it’s the double Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling (even if, especially as he did “go doolally about vitamin C” as one of the scientists put it), the intellect-with-comfort-blanket Linus van Pelt or Linus Torvalds of Linux fame, it seems right then, and it still does.

And it’s been useful, too, that Chris lives but a hop skip and a jump from The Fleece Inn at Bretforton.

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